Clear Water Tabs is a product that will keep your water troughs cleaner by decreasing the buildup of algae.

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Customer Comments

The tablets work great!† The troughs are so much easier to clean now.† I have been using the tablets for over a year and my horses are fine.

The water troughs are so easy to keep up now.† All I have to do is use the tablets every couple of days.† I scoop out the hay and leaves so I can go longer without cleaning.

Iíve been using the tablets for more than 6 months.† I have noticed how easy it is to clean the tanks.† Before I started using the tablets I was cleaning my troughs out every 4-5 days.† The troughs smelled and it was disgusting!† Now I clean my troughs out every 4-5 weeks and they donít smell and I donít have to scrub them.

I felt like I was wasting water by dumping out full troughs of water because of the algae problem.† Now that I use the tablets I just top off the water every day and clean the troughs out every 4-5 weeks instead of every 4-5 days.

I love being able to see down to the bottom of the horse trough.† Before I started using the tablets, my troughs would get so cloudy in between cleanings.† When I would clean my troughs out I would sometimes find dead birds and rats.† I didnít want my horses drinking dirty unsanitary water so I was always cleaning out my troughs.† Now I donít have to worry about finding a surprise in my troughs because now my troughs stay so clean I can always see the bottom of the tank.
†- Suzanne