Clear Water Tabs is a product that will keep your water troughs cleaner by decreasing the buildup of algae.

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We are a new company that has a product that will reduce your cleaning duties for your horses’ water troughs. This product will also help you conserve water because you will not have to clean your troughs as often. This product cuts down cleaning time. You will not need to scrub out your tubs as you have done in the past. We would like you to take this survey to find out if this product will work for you.

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1.  Would you buy a product that would help keep the drinking water in your horses' trough clean and clearer for weeks at a time? Yes   No
2. Would this product appeal to you if there is no measuring or mess and is safe for your horses to drink? Yes   No
3. How many troughs do you have?
4. Does algae grow in your horses' water troughs? Yes   No
5. Does algae cause you to clean your troughs more often? Yes   No
6. How long does the algae in your area grow in your troughs?
7. How often do you clean your troughs?
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